It all started when...

                        I took my first metal arts class in 2013. 

Having been raised in Europe, with a back­ground in International Development and Environmental Conservation, I spent my 20’s working within the humanitarian sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. Being exposed to various cultures and communi­ties, through travels and work, I became increasingly curious about the util­ity of craft, material obsessions, and story telling. This curiosity eventually led me to pursue metal arts as a creative outlet.

Ever since my first metal arts class I discovered a spark that set to a flame and I haven’t looked back since. I studied to become a certified metal smith, and in 2014 I started DYV (pronounced ‘DIV’) as a small San Francisco based studio.

I use my passion for metal to create quality-handcrafted jewelry essentials, inspired by my Danish roots. With clean and simple lines translated into modern yet timeless pieces, DYV represents contemporary heir­looms. I design and individually craft each item by hand with a strong focus on quality and an eye for detail. Focusing on craftsmanship, DYV is about quality and integrity, about making something lasting and setting it free in the world.