Work with DYV

DYV offers a range of design services, and no project is too big or small.  Any of the existing DYV designs can be customized to meet your specific style. This can range from switching out the stone, using a different type of metal, engraving, or altering design details. If you have an existing piece of jewelry full of sentimental value but lacking in wearability, we're able to alter or enhance it, or design an entirely new piece around it.  And, if you have a specific design, source of inspiration, or concept in mind, we're able to start from scratch and create a unique piece just for you!

Step 1: Free consultation

This process starts with an initial consultation, which can either be done in person (if you are in the Bay Area), or via e-mail. During this step we'll want you to be as detailed as possible about your desired project. This is the initial brainstorming process, and the more specific you are, the easier it is for us to determine if we can bring your concept to life whilst meeting your desired timeline and budget.

Step 2: Design & Pricing

Based on our initial consultation, we provide you with more concrete design suggestions in the form of renderings, and flesh out any remaining style details, as well as timeline, materials and prices. Once a project quote and timeline has been agreed upon, we will require a 50% deposit to begin the production process. The final 50% will be paid upon completion. (Delivery timelines begin on the date the deposit is paid).

Step 3: Production

Based on the requirements for your unique project we will start the production process using the appropriate process, this can range from wax-carving & casting, customizing, altering, or fully fabricating from scratch. During this step, we're working hard to ensure that your vision takes on its new wearable metal form.

Step 4: Completion

We're done with all the finishing touches. Your custom project is complete and your final deposit is due. Now it's your turn: Wear it, Love it & Treasure it!